1988: 3. I make my first batch of pasta, with a pan bigger than me.

1999: 14. First dinner organized for 15 guests on a school exchange trip in Ireland. Oh gosh! that Filet de boeuf and gratin dauphinois were close to perfection... until my hosts put the whole dinner back into the oven until it was well-done and covered in gravy. I still have nightmares about it!

2003: I decide to work for the movie industry, for one awkward reason: to organize the post-shoot cocktails. Enormous disappointment, of course. We do more film analysis than petit-fours.

2006: I leave Paris for Edinburgh, Scotland. I come back one year later, fully fluent in Spanish with a couple more pounds than I had before leaving from all the brunch parties I organized to fill my need for cooking (in enormous batches of course!).

2007: I need to start to be serious with my life (or at least pretend). I enter a famous business school in Paris, and work in a 4-star hotel as Assistant Food & Beverage. In reality, I will spend more time in my Chef de cuisine’skitchen, Eric Brujan, than in my office.

2009: I am 25 and a fresh MBA graduate with a good job that is well paid with lots of holidays. And bored to death :)
Eric Brujan recommends me to one the best Pâtissiers of Paris, Gérard Mulot. During two months I learn the reality of the job, and I love it! I quit my job and starts my training in different 'Maisons'. Until I realize that French Pâtisserie will not be my future.

May 2010: I end up on the couch of a dear friend in Toronto, Canada. It is at that moment, in that apartment, on the 32th floor the idea of a cookie shop in Paris began to rise/took shape.

4 october 2010: Scoop Me a Cookie is officially and legally born!

Laura Petit