Scoop Me a Cookie started from a simple observation: every city knowned for their delicious comfort food had their version of generous cookies, exempt Paris! We were in May 2010, and I was on the 32th floor of a Canadian Condo, betting with some friends that I could do something about it!

Scoop Me a Cookie unique and secret recipe required two years of testing, measuring, baking to finally get that perfect balance between crispy edges and gooey center. And this would have never happened if it was not for the help and support of Mathilde and Constance Lorenzi, founder of the frozen yogurt brand, it mylk. They offered me a professional kitchen for my tests and even a small space to sell my first cookies! 

I had to wait to celebrate Scoop Me a Cookie's 3rd anniversary to finally get my own place, spacious, bright and welcoming, like my cookies :) 

Since the first day, I am giving my company 100% of my time and my energy to make sure that every cookie you eat will just blow your mind! (Ambitious yes :))

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